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Dubai – A destination to explore your self

AUG 25, 2017

Dubai - A colorful place filled with fun, excitement, adventure, dreams and shopping! Dubai rises in the arms Persian Gulf and the beautiful everlasting Arabian deserts, it is the largest Emirate in the Arab Emirates. For almost 200yrs, Dubai was a small city with a tiny trading port. The generation which came after that took the responsibility and transformed this city into a destination. Dubai now holds huge structures, carved islands and rich heritage. This beautiful Citadel which is built on the sand has deep roots of history and culture. Book cheap flights to Dubai today to experience a wonder!

Let us take you through Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai:

Jumeirah Mosque

A place which is open for non-Islamic people and is claimed to be photographed the most for its architectural beauty. This is entirely built with Whitestone and can accommodate 1200 people.

Bastakiya Quarter

The oldest buildings are found in this area. This is also an area for shopping at low cost. As you walk the streets of these cultural remains, you get to learn a lot about the old Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world with 124 floors is a must place to visit. From the highest floor, check the 360° view and witness the stretch of desert on one side and Blue Ocean on the other side of Dubai.

Dubai Mall

This mall is a beautiful surprise to the visit as it holds many interesting things. Dubai Aquarium, ice-skating rink and shopping. Make sure you be a part of Dubai Shopping Festival that starts in January and Dubai Summer Surprises Festival which happens in July and August.

Dubai Museum

This museum is created inside Al-Fahidi Fort. Coral blocks and lime are used in building this fort making it a rare monument. Weapons, musical instruments, palm-leaf houses, artifacts picked from ancient Dubai can be witnessed here.

Here are few things to do in Dubai:

Desert Safari

Make it a perfect trip with an adventurous Safari in the deep deserts. Buckle up for bumpy rides across the sand dunes.

Dinner on Dhow Cruise

An enchanting dinner is awaiting you on a special cruise. As you sail on this beautiful cruise, you will be served a delicious food.

Scuba Diving

The stretch of 964km long Persian Gulf is a part of Indian Ocean. Experience the best scuba dive and get enthralled in the adventure.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Plan your trip including this Hot Air Balloon Ride. Enjoy a unique flying experience.

Honeymoon Spot

An incredible destination for Honeymoon. Beautiful Blue Sea, Golden Sand dunes and late night city are the main attractions for every couple.

Let us now know more about the famous foods and hotels of Dubai:


A local pizza from the experts. This is a perfect breakfast dish. Exotic toppings with cheese and herbs make this yummy!

Iranian Sangak

This is a delight for bread lovers. Iranian bread is a must for your taste buds.

Chelo Kebab

The saffron smell from the rice of this Kebab will make your mouth water.

Al Harees

This is the traditional food made with wheat, meat and salt. This is generally served during festivals.

Al Machboos

Rice, meat, spices and lemon make a great delicious food. This should be tried with salad and yogurt.

What more do you want? Book Dubai Flight Tickets now and enjoy a great trip with your family. Cheap flights to Dubai are available with us. Join Dubai extravaganza!

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