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Cochin – For the fresh breeze of Life!

AUG 25, 2017

If you ever want to experience a freshness in the aroma of air that you breathe, dew drops on the leaves around you, beautiful boats as the main means of transportation – there you’re! You’re in Cochin. Greenery, coconuts, water bodies, rivers, culture, beautiful ambiance, traditional spas, aromatic spices and herbs – Cochin is a home for all these mesmerizing things. Kerala is the capital of Cochin or Kochi. Book Cochin cheap flights and experience the beauty of freshness.

Here are few tourist places to visit in Kochi:


These beautiful mountains filled with greenery are a treat to watch. In reality, we can actually touch and feel the clouds from these mountains. The clouds sail across these beautifully created mountains.


For the backwaters of Kerala! This heavenly place gets its freshness as the water and land in this place are at the same level. So, as you cruise get a delight of watching the village life.

Bolghatty & Vypeen Islands:

Long and quiet beaches with a rush of water in the water bodies around. You can also go for boating and catch some seafood as you go. Don’t miss this.


With Nearly 600kms of coastline, Cochin has fantastic beaches. You will get some fantastic deals and Cochin cheap flights during the off-season. Get yourself a ticket for this beautiful place.

Kodanand Elephant Training Centre:

Taming a wild beast into a domestic animal is a treat to watch. Though we can’t experience the complete process, we sure can get a glance of the journey of how an elephant gets trained.

More Top Attractions and Places to Visit in Kochi:

Museum of Kerala history, Edappally:

This beautiful historic museum welcomes you with a huge statue of the most beloved Sage Parasurama, who created Kerala. Come to witness the historic episodes from the Neolithic age to the Modern era!

Kathakali Performance:

The traditional dance of Kerala. This is a way of storytelling and the artists use colorful makeup and heavy facemasks for this performance. Mythologies, Ithihaas (religious legends) and spiritual extracts from Hindu Puranas are depicted in this art form.


The original and tradition, unadulterated Ayurveda is available only in Kerala. Get yourself treated with the best spa made from plants and herbs extracts. Treat yourself to a rare and best experience.


The original and ancient form of Martial arts, Kerala is the place where this beautiful art is born. You must go and watch a performance of this original ancient art.

Kerala Food and Cooking Lessons:

Learn to cook delicious food with spices. You will be surprised to see how many wonderful dishes can be prepared in different ways. Seafood and vegan food are also taught in these classes.

Famous foods in Kerala:

To start with, here in Cochin, banana leaves are used as plates. Sadya, Malabar Cusine, Onam recipes, Sea Food, Snacks, Rice dishes, Tribal cuisines and many other mouthwatering dishes are awaiting you in Kerala. The uniqueness of this place is everything is cooked with coconut oil and yes, every woman of this place has long hair and they attribute it to the coconut oil (so, I just gave you a tip for long hair!)

This city is called as ‘God’s own country’! You should definitely check this place to experience why this is called so! Book Air ticket to Kochi now and start your journey to own of the oldest marvels.

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