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Amman – A hub of Ancient memories

AUG 25, 2017

A city of surprises, great weather, art galleries, open-air souqs- Amman, a hilly city crafted out of white stone. Amman is a mysterious place and it is not easy to penetrate into the city if you go unprepared. You need to take your time and explore the city as it holds historical and cultural marvels. Amman is a house for multinational people and multicultural society. We can find different architectures and ruins of the ancient world. Book Flights to Amman and get into the deep roots of the world. Make sure you take time to see places around Amman as well.

Top Places to visit in Amman:

1.Roman Theatre:

This beautiful theatre is a 6000 seat structure. This is known for being carved out of a hill. Reach this spot in the early hours of the day to capture best pictures.

2.Jordan Museum:

A must watch museum to know the history of Jordan. Don’t miss few great pictures from Great Arab Revolt of 1916.

3.Qasr Al Abad:

The mysterious architectural structure represents ancient Roam skills. This is constructed using huge blocks and gives it a splendid look. It is located on the outskirts, so make sure you carry the minimum necessities.

4.Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts:

Jordanian sculpture, painting and pottery take the major part of this museum. There are 2 small buildings holding this treasure. Make sure you visit both of them.

5.Children's Museum:

This is a joyful ride for every kid. Kids get a short tour to many aspects of life like from a human body to lasers and rainbows. You get to see this in English and Arabic.

6.Darat Al Funun:

This is a hub for cultural events and it is located in downtown area. This is a haven for Arabic art gallery and Jordian paintings and culture.


Ruins in Amman, Temple of Hercules and the Ummayad Palace are the significantly marvelous things that you need to check at Citadel. There are also Artefacts from Bronze Age, domed audience hall for visitors of the royal palace.

8.Climbat Amman:

As the name suggests, it is a place where you get a chance to climb the hill and get a view of the beautiful Amman. You will also be trained by professionals before you start your trip.

Pack your bags, Book Flights to Amman now. One of the amazing views that you need to see is the sunset from the Citadel. Also, make sure you catch the muezzin call and enjoy it from this viewpoint. You will be left with an acoustic impression as the whole city stands before you.

The lifestyle of this has been continuously changing as people starting migrating to this place from several nations. If you want to seek the depth of "Old Amman", the best place to visit is the central downtown. You can also stop at Balad, for shops, souqs and street food. Amman also offers nightlife. Check latest clubs, cafes and trendy restaurants.

For shopaholics, here is what you can buy in Amman:

  • A keffiyeh, Jordanian men’s traditional headpiece
  • Daggers – for the adventurer in you. These are hand-crafted
  • The beautiful tea and coffee posts made with Brass are sure take home gifts, these are etched and curved by Middle Eastern artists.
  • Beautiful carvings on olive wood will decorate your house. This will be an antique piece.
  • Clothing of Bedouin-style. These are embroidered clothes depicting the culture.

Abdali Boulevard, the Balad, Malls, Wakalat Street are the few places where can go shopping. Reach us for Amman Cheap Flights and start your journey for exploring ancient Jordan.

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