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Chennai – A Land of Traditions

AUG 25, 2017

Chennai is the place that will take us to the roots of Indian culture. The culture here is still raw and unadulterated unlike other places of India which are influenced by western culture. Chennai roads, walls, temples every inch talk about the history and soul of India. Men here still wear Lungi (an unstitched cloth which will be wrapped around the waist), the women here prefer Saree (another unstitched cloth). The culture says that we should not bind our body with clothes but let it breathe, thus Chennai adapts this kind of clothing. People here despite being a male or a female wear a sectarian mark (such as a dot on the forehead) representing the third eye.

People here are humble and innocent. They always have a heart of strangers and their warmth for tourists is unforgettable. These people are proud of their land, lineage and language. They want people to come, know and experience and depth of this ancient city. Book Flight Tickets to Chennai now to experience the traditions and culture of one of the oldest civilizations

Places to visit in Chennai:

1.Marina Beach:

A 13-km beach on the shores of Bay of Bengal. It is considered to be the longest beach and it is famous for 50,000 visitors generally during weekends. To be seen places around Marina are the Chennai Lighthouse and historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Bharathiyar, Annie Besant, Thiruvalluvar, Kamrajar and Robert Caldwell.

2.Madras Crocodile Bank Trust:

This is an animal bank with a total of 2,483 animals. There are 14 species of crocodiles, 10 species of turtles and more. Walk into this Trust for a new different aquarium. Book Flight Tickets to Chennai to take a dive into the marine life.


The literal translation of ‘DakshinaChitra’ means Art of South. This is a historical museum depicting the arts and crafts of South India which includes 5 south Indian states. The museum is a home for 4,220 artefacts, 3,200 art-related and 70 connected to contemporary subjects.


The literal translation means ‘Hub of arts’, the dance form in specific. The dance form of Chennai is Bharatnatyam. The ancient dance form comes from Lord Shiva.


Chennai is a land of temples. There is a temple in almost every street. Kapaleeswarar Temple(built in 7th century), Parthasarathy Temple (built in 8th century), Navagraha Temples(there are 9 temples across the city for each graha, graha means planet), Marudeeswarar Temple(built in 11th century), Ranganatha Temple( considered as one of the most complex temples for the way it is constructed), Ekambareswarar Temple(built in 1680 is a home for several Gods).


A historical marvel which still holds the remains of Pallava Dynasty. You can also spend some time at the beach, Shore Temple, 5 Rathas and sculptures of this place.

7.The National Art Gallery:

This gallery is a home for paintings and sandal wood sculptures from Thanjavur, Kangra, Rajasthan and the Deccan. It is a feast to pay a visit to this place.


This is a place to enjoy backwaters of Chennai. A right spot for boating and water surfing. All those adventurous people, do visit this place.

The other attraction of Chennai is the food. Idli, the food which is very nutritious and made on steam is a perfect breakfast in every household of Chennai. Idli has to go with filter coffee(don’t miss this). Rice is the staple food and Sambar is a must in every meal. Idli, Dosa, Upma, Wada, Kuzhi paniyaram, Adai, Pongal are the famous types of breakfast and dinner. The Lunch is a full meal which includes rice, lentils, curry, sambar and curd. The people here love to eat their food with papad( a fried side food) and ghee. Sambar is a liquid dish which is made with tamarind, lentils and spices. It is made as a part of full meals in order to digest the food.

Want more? Chennai is a place for shopping and lot of entertainment. There are many more beautiful temples which are an embodiment of arts and architecture of that era in which they were built. Being on the coastal line of Bay of Bengal, the temperature of Chennai is sultry for sure, but nights are really lovely. You would love to see the beach at night and spend some time in those waves with your loved ones.

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