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31st March, 2018

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Domestic Flights

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  • Buy Salam air Exclusively on and get 20KG baggage free.
  • Offer valid throughout March
  • Travel Validity: OPEN
  • Offer across SkySOUQ Website, Mobile site & Mobile App
  • Products and services are subject to availability
  • For any card related claims/issues, the customer shall approach their respective "Issuing Bank". SkySOUQ shall not entertain any such claims where the card wasn't accepted or the card was showing invalid
  • The Customer shall not be entitled for discount in the event of cancellation of booking. If the Customer cancels the ticket, SkySOUQ will refund the purchase price after deducting the discount amount and any other applicable cancellation charges/penalty.
  • In the event of rescheduling, the Customer shall bear the fare difference (regardless of whether the component is in the base fare or in tax + surcharge) and other applicable rescheduling fees
  • User Agreement and Privacy Policy at SkySOUQ website shall apply.
  • Offer is valid for One way and Round Trip Travel.

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