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Amazing Sarajevo City Tours Trips and Holidays

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AUG 25, 2017

A ravishing country to revitalize your senses – Sarajevo! This vibrant country has amazingly recovered from the bullets of the Yugoslavian war. A country with beautiful cafes, old temples, tombs, mosques, churches depicting unity in diversified cultures. When you look for Sarajevo Holiday Packages, include these spots in your Sarajevo City Tour along with vantage points, forests and waterfalls.

We picked few things that you can do and few places you need to visit in Sarajevo City Tour. Here is the list for you:

Get ready to ride a wonderful hike

Who wouldn’t want to hike the best hike of the world. So, get ready with all you need before you set your foot on this place.

The Latin Bridge

Where the First World War began! : This bridge makes you walk through the heart and soul of the war. The northern end of this beautiful bridge has a history of assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which is considered to be the cause of World War I.

Taste Rakija

In a dark-pitch night of Sarajevo City Tour, people cherish in Rakija. Does your country have a national drink? Sarajevo does! The essence of beaing in a Bosnian village is to sip the goodness of rakija. Don’t miss this

Holiday Inn Hotel

One of the best hotels in Sarajevo - The dark hotel, this was the hotel where political meetings were held during the big war. This is one of the best hotels in Sarajevo hosting Olympics players, artists, actors and musicians.


Sarajevo is known for Theaters! Yes, for all those art enthusiasts this is the place to be in. The first and the oldest Sarajevo theatre was built in 1919, it is ‘the national theatre of Bosnia and Herzegovina’. This theatre is still in existence. Don’t miss a play there!


The city will take you into the heart and soul of the historical music. You will get swayed in their unofficial anthem called ‘Kad ja pođoh na Benbašu’.

Tunnel of Hope

Yes, they have a tunnel of hope which spread up to 800 meters. This was the secret route to reach the airport. This was built during the war to shift food, clothing and other basic needs. Due to the war, only 20 meters is open as the other part still needs to be reconstructed from the war injuries.


Sun rises on the most beautiful hills and mountains of Sarajevo. As the hills are filled with greenery and rocks. The reflection of sun rays and greenery on the rocks looks extremely beautiful. The city still holds landmines. So, be careful while you travel on these streets to get a view of this rare grace of nature.

Yellow Bastion

A place where Iftar begins. This spot is on top of the city and it provides the perfect glimpse of this beautiful city. Never miss taking a blanket with you – During summers, you can spread on the floor to sit and during winters, you know what to do!

The final point of the list is book your trip on Cheap Sarajevo flights, there are many offers. Just fly to this historically injured but beautiful city with great food and arts.

Want more? Sarajevo is not just beautiful but also one of the safest places to live and roam around! This makes your Sarajevo City Tour much interesting, isn’t it? Did you start packing?


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