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Armenia Sightseeing Tours – Get delighted in must see places of Armenia

Travel Destinations of Armenia
AUG 25, 2017

Take one of the cheap flights to Armenia, one of the interesting places in the world! Armenia Sightseeing Tours include hills, mountains, greenery and scenic places. Armenia has a lot more than this. Armenia is a place where Chess is a compulsory subject in their schools, sharpening the brains from a very young age. 97% people of Armenia are the real Armenians. Very fewer people of other ethnicity have migrated here. Let us have a look at the hidden travel destinations of Armenia.


One of the places to visit in Armenia Sightseeing Tour’s is Armenia’s own Pink City! The constructions in this city are colored with volcanic rock shades giving them a sheen of pink. Take a walk here on an early morning, the blue sky, pink buildings and brown earth with a breeze of bird’s chirping is just beyond description.


Holy Etchimiadzin built in the 4th Century is the World’s oldest Cathedral Church! Though this is old and highly precious, this holy place is not taken care properly. But still, you can feel the divinity as you reach this church. A must place to walk into to experience different architectural expertise.

Dilijan national park

National park, forest and monastery come together at one place. Cultural monuments called Haghartsin Monastery, Akhnabat church, Jukhtak Vank, Goshavank Monastery and Matosavank Monastery are a part of this national park.

Lake Sevan

Another exciting place to visit in Armenia Sightseeing Tours is Lake Sevan. The largest water body of Armenia used for irrigation, drinking and fishing. It is an extremely beautiful Lake with wonderful color combinations at one place.


Want to relax? Check out Jermuk, a town filled with the best spas. This beautiful town has 40 thermal springs! They say the water from these springs has healing effects. Don’t miss the experience!

Mount Ararat

Armenians worship Mt. Ararat. This humongous mountain saved Armenians from a huge Earthquake. This is also considered as Armenia’s national symbol.

Khor Virap

Armenia Sightseeing Tours includes a monastery in Ararat plain, located at the foothills of Mount Ararat. Grab every opportunity to reach this place of solace.

Ruins of Ancient Dvin

The capital of medieval Armenia which was ruined in the wars. Check this place for a good dose of history; you can walk through the past of Armenia here.


Karahunj means Speaking Stones. Archeologists say that these 7500 years old stones prove that there was a civilization long back which was never captured in any scriptures. I am sure you don’t want to miss this place.

Stork Village

Have you seen a city with poles being topped by a bird’s nest? Here is the city which will make you turn your heads up. As you go in your vehicle, you see a Stork nest on each pole in this village. You can witness this only during the spring season as these birds migrate to Africa before the time of winter.

Another special attraction in Armenia Sightseeing Tours is her delicious wine and it is considered as one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world! Check into the best hotels in Armenia and enjoy!


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