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  • Zero Cancellation charges are applicable on International flight bookings only.
  • First of its kind offer in the industry; there is no restriction on the number of bookings, booking value, or sector.
  • Enjoy 100% free cancellation on cancelling the ticket on the same day of ticket issuance by 2300 hours. This waiver will not apply if travel is within 48 hours of cancellation.
  • To avail this facility, simply log into My Bookings section on the SkySOUQ website, and proceed with the cancellation process. Guests can also call our Toll Free number 800-8000-8 or 24990100.
  • This facility is not applicable on partially paid bookings or when booking for one of the passengers is cancelled. It applies if the entire booking is cancelled.
  • Zero Cancellation facility is not applicable on date change.
  • Offer is not applicable on Low Cost Carriers.
  • SkySOUQ reserves the right without prior notice to add, alter, modify, all or any of these terms and conditions.
  • The decision of SkySOUQ in all matters in connection with or incidental to this offer will be final and binding.
  • This offer cannot be exchanged for cash or any other value.
  • The offer maybe replaced wholly or in part, by any other offer, whether similar or not and can be withdrawn altogether.
  • All other standard terms and conditions of SkySOUQ and the airline concerned shall apply.

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